Ireland: Our Rental House

More and more, I love renting homes or apartments with kitchens. In Ireland, my friend had previously stayed at this stone cottage and recommended it. I trust this friend, and so booked it without any worries that we'd arrive to a 1-bedroom shack with a rat infestation when we'd booked a gourmet kitchen and beds for 8 people. The home was absolutely gorgeous and even with 8 people, we could all find space and alone time. The only downside was the location in that you had to drive an hour to get anywhere where you'd want to be. Galway was an hour, the coast was a little over an hour, etc. But the price ended up being around $140 a person for the ENTIRE week. So I'd say the pros definitely outweighed the cons. I'll always treasure the memories of walking near the house and hearing absolute nothing except for cows moo'ing.

About 15 minutes from the house is the tiny town of Terryglass and this restaurant, The Derg Inn. While it is known for live music, it was pretty empty when we went (many of the towns in Ireland seemed deserted in some way). But still - how CUTE!?