A Sweet Argentine Dog

We had one day free during Virtuoso (read the travel trends I discovered during the conference on my National Geographic blog here) in Buenos Aires and got to choose a daytime activity ranging from a city tour, to cooking classes, or sports tour. But I immediately knew which one I wanted to do - visit an estancia, or a large ranch-style estate, outside the city. The place we went, La Bamba de Areco, was truly a South American dream retreat. While others did horseback riding or a carriage ride, I chose to take one of their bikes and go for a ride. The roads were bumpy but I started following the path that made me feel happiest. With the autumn sun shining down and a slight breeze, this beautiful, sweet dog seemed to appear from nowhere. I could see nothing else except for horses and cows. He just wanted a lot of loving and I was happy to give it to him! After about 30 minutes, he had enough and ran away to play. It was a little bit of home so many thousands of miles away from my own dog.