Embracing the Curls

My hair has always felt like a problem to me, especially when traveling. I've always had hair jealousy of girls that can just shower and go or even just blow dry and go. At home, I have my flat iron that heats up to 450 degrees and makes it straight and smooth. But my European flat iron that I take around the world doesn't get as hot, and it just takes forever to straighten, when I'd rather be zipping around whatever city I'm in. Plus, I live in New York City where the summers are pretty much the ultimate hell in humidty so any straightening I do doesn't last long.

But lately, I have figured out something that sort of works. If I smather on much more than a "quarter-sized" amount of conditioner at night and sleep with it piled on my head, I wake up and there are non-frizzy curls and waves. I want to embrace what I've been given but also feel good about the hair. Here, the curls in all their glory at Ponta dos Ganchos resort on the Emerald Coast of Brazil (low light=fuzzy photo). I didn't care one bit about my hair in that beachy paradise and it felt great. Does anyone else have curly hair like mine? Would love to hear any tips!