I Found My Gourmet Grocery Shop in Tel Aviv

Actually, I found two. Ok, three. I seek these places out like water in the desert. They make me feel at home in a foreign city. I had lunch at Delicatessen, which even had Ina Garten cookbooks on display. Here, they serve a great menu, but also have delicious take-away. I ducked into Neroli Health Food Store on Shabazi Street, which has organic juices. And I bopped around Kitchen Market, which has several stalls set up as well as a restaurant, in the Tel Aviv Port area. 

Kitchen MarketI walked for miles, took copious notes, and ate strawberries that tasted like summer from the Carmel Market. I feel like I have a much better grasp on the city after tackling it on my own.

I rented my own car in Tel Aviv, so I zoomed around today. Parking is terrible, and I got a parking ticket (at least, I assume it is a parking ticket - it is all written in Hebrew so I need to have it translated). Still, it gives me a freedom that I love and more time in the day that is mine.

Tel Aviv PortOutdoor lunch at DelicatessenCute shop on Shabazi StreetTel Aviv Port View