Funny Paris Moments

All around the world, on any trip I take, there are moments that I stop and say “Huh?” or “What the H is that?” or “Why would they make that, sell that, show that, or _____ that?” Or sometimes I start laughing so hard my stomach hurts, like when it came to this dude at the Opera Garnier who quite literally took 50 selfies of himself at various spots around the building. Every time we saw him, he was snapping a selfie. It was selfie overload, selfies to the max, a deluge of selfies. Plus....the yellow pants.


Here are a few more of those moments that made me smile in Paris.

Checking your cell phone while hugging your man...spotted across the street from the Louvre.


My "Where's Waldo?" moment at the Mona Lisa - insanity.


This crab staring at me at the market


Who would buy these? No really?


At Paris' most playful chocolate maker, Patrick Roger - this is a giant solid chocolate monkey.


If you've never been to Deyrolle, you absolutely must. Walk in and go straight to the second floor for an incredible time warp and showcase of the world's most famous taxidermist. This picture doesn't do the size justice - but this is a real giraffe and polar bear.


The word eggplant comes from it looking like an actual white egg. I had never seen a white eggplant before - but there it is. Just one, hanging out with the more recognizable eggplants.


And finally, Annie - looking like a four-year-old.Yes, I made myself laugh.