Goumanyat, The Best Spice Store in Paris

Before I go to a city, no matter how many times I've been there, I am obsessive about my lists, papers, spreadsheets, magazine clippings, friends & social media recommendations, and more as I prepare an itinerary. And then I leave time to find the unexpected, of course. 

This is one place that has appeared on most of my Paris lists, and one that you must find if you're in Paris!

Goumanyat, in the 3rd arr., is a treasure trove of every kind of spice you can imagine (their signature product is saffron in many forms). When you go in, don't miss the basement level filled with wines and the top level, stocked with tea leaves and packages of tea.

The most famous chefs in the world stock up on spices here. I fit squarely in the "home cook" category but loved finding special jars & bottles to take home. And if you're renting an apartment, like we did, you can concoct some beautiful creation with these spices right in your kitchen before you go home. If the owner, Jean Thiercelin, is there, get ready for a fun chat - he speaks English and is every bit as charming as his shop looks. His family has owned the shop since 1809.

Address: 3, rue Dupuis, 3rd arr.

Metro: Temple, République