Chartier - Picture-Perfect Paris Bistro

I snapped one of my favorite photos in Paris at Chartier in the 9th arr. Chartier is the picture-perfect turn of the century Parisian bistro. It's in an area that I don't particularly love - nothing bad, just kind of eh. But this place is over 100 years old and I love that I can feel the diners that have passed through for ten decades. It is known as a "bouillon" or a restaurant that serves the working people - good food, great value. And look at this man - straight out of central casting for "perfect, elderly Parisian man," walking into Chartier. It's just too good.

Address: 7 rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 9th arr.

Metro: Grands Boulevards, Richelieu - Drouot, Bourse