Things I Love About Cusco

On my second day in Cusco, I was adjusted to the altitude and ready to go at 8 a.m. The opening party for Palacio Nazarenas was that night, but I had a full day planned beforehand. In the morning, my wonderful guide took me to the oft-called Sexy Woman Ruins (really Saqsaywaman - they have nothing to do with sexy women) with not only fascinating ruins but also the best view of the city. We went into the stunning main cathedral and laughed about The Last Supper painting where Jesus and the disciples are eating guinea pig.

At the Sexy Woman RuinsSexy Woman Ruins

View from Saqsaywaman

The main square from SaqsaywamanThen I was on my own and had lunch at Pacha Papa, a MUST in Cusco in San Blas Square. My server, Ever, was hilarious, kind and gave me the inside scoop on his city as I sat in the courtyard. He also did his best to convince me to try guinea pig, but it wasn't going to happen. I explored the neighborhood of San Blas, known for its tiny art galleries, jewelry and clothing stores. I bought a beautiful throw for our apartment at Sol Alpaca and visited the Museo de Plantas del Cusco, where I spent 45 minutes reading about the magical healing powers and uses of Peru's herbs and plants. There was a great exhibit on coca and how it was/is used in cocaine, Coca-Cola and more. You cannot go to Cusco and miss the ChocoMuseo or CHOCOLATE MUSEUM!! They have chocolate classes and a cute little cafe where you can order a drink and sit outside on the patio. It was one of my favorite stops in Cusco and THE BEST smelling museum ever. And then I was officially knackered and had to get ready for the party.

Lunch at Pacha Papa in San BlasThe courtyard of Pacha PapaSan Blas SquareSol Alpaca

Chocolate classes at ChocoMuseoPerfect view from the ChocoMuseoOne of the MANY dogs of CuscoCusco