Dean & Deluca

The first time I heard of Dean & Deluca was while watching Felicity on the WB, as she worked at the store while going to the "University of New York." I was 16 or 17 and loovveed all things Felicity (at least seasons 1 & 2). When I first moved to the city, my gym was directly across from their flagship SoHo location at Broadway and Prince and would too often stop in after to do my grocery shopping. Now there are shops all over the city. Like the best gourmet markets, it is overpriced but you're paying for ambiance and an incredibly well-curated selection of items. I have never had a bad piece of fruit here, and after years of too many mealy peaches, I will pay $5 a peach for it to taste like a peach should. It is overrun with tourists at times, but I love when it first opens and that wafting smell of coffee hits you coming in from a snowy January morning off the SoHo streets. Now that we moved, I don't shop here a lot, but when I do, I always spend way more than I should.

If you don't live near Dean & Deluca, check out their site where you can order all their signature items like spices, pasta, sauce, coffee, kitchen items and more.