Blakes Hotel, London

LobbyIf I had to live for an extended period of time in any London hotel, I'd choose Blakes, one of the world's first boutique hotels and this super cool global design journey with a main theme of Asia: India, China, Thailand. Furnishings and decor were collected from all over the world by Anouska Hempel.  The bar and restaurant are super sexy, exotic, and cozy as they're small and hidden away downstairs.  The restaurant even has fans made of feathers from rare birds.  You can just picture rebellious, glamorous Princess Margaret having a drink, and she loved Blakes (Duchess Kate has been spotted in the bar as well) In the lobby are two green lovebirds in a wrought-iron cage welcoming you to Blakes.


As you can see from the photo above, it is perfectly situated on a South Kensington street, in one of my favorite London 'hoods with great restaurants and shopping.  You are totally tucked away in a place that feels like home but you've got the glamour and service of a top hotel.  The building took over several Victorian townhouses  The first thing I noticed was the scent of Blakes, not overpowering at all, but a subtle, intoxicating smell.  I was lucky enough to take one of their candles home.  I want my entire apartment to smell like Blakes. The rooms are all different and fabulous, from dark and dramatic to light and airy.  So hard to choose a favorite, but the take-me-away, white Corfu suite evoked a perfect beach vibe which I loved.

Dresser in the Corfu SuiteCorfu Suite Bed Corfu SuiteI (almost) always trust Goop and Gwyneth is a fan too - In Goop, she wrote "For awhile, Blakes was my home-away-from home in London before I got a flat. It is a super-chic design hotel, but comfortable and sexy. It is perfect for a romantic trip."

Room for One Neighborhood ViewYou don't want to know how much this bathtub cost! Another shot of the street & Blakes exteriorLove South Kensington