The day before I left for Italy, Andy and I decided to try a place that has been on "the list" (my list of NYC restaurants to try & notes is 50 pages long) forever.  Philippe is owned by the same person that owns Ciano, one of my new favorites in New York.  Philippe has also made more than a few appearances on Real Housewives of New York City, so naturally I loved it before I went.

It was really fun Chinese food, and they'll even do a "healthy" brown lesser-fried rice if you ask - don't miss the chicken lettuce wraps, crispy seaweed or their famous green prawns.  Our server became a new friend and I loved meeting the wonderful and famous Chef Philippe Chow himself, formerly at Mr. Chow for years (but no relation). There's also one of the best lunch deals in town - 3 courses for $20.12.  If you need a Midtown lunch spot, this is it!

Lettuce WrapsGreen prawnsRed Velvet Cake