But I Don't Want to Leave! Hotel Cipriani in Venice

I actually shed a tear leaving here. Maybe two. I love so many of the hotels I stay at (as is obvious by this blog) but the Hotel Cipriani in Venice was on another level. I liked it at first and then it felt like my first crush in high school, where I wanted to be around him every second of every day. I fell completely under the Cipriani spell. Open for 50 years, it is one of the most popular celebrity hotel haunts in the world.  It's located on Giudecca Island, which is a 7-8 minute boat ride from where San Marco is, the heart of Venice. I actually want to invite everyone that works there to my wedding because they are so fun.

A couple photos until I get all my pieces written and can post more...

Beautiful gardens in the frontTruly the best Pasta Pomodoro ever