Friday Links to Love & My New Puppy, Rocco

We got a new puppy, Rocco! First, you have to read this short piece, "Saving the World: That Lucky Dog" by my sister-in-law's sister (got it?). It is everything I love about humanity and a big reason why we took a leap of faith in adopting a dog we hadn't ever met.

RoccoNext, you have to understand that I often like dogs more than people. I like people too, Good People especially, but dogs just get me every time. When my mom called last week and said she was in Arizona at a "Save the Dogs" walk and sending me a photo of one little dog that captured her, I knew where the conversation was headed. I also knew it was our dog when I saw the photo.  I just knew.  He's my kind of dog (I don't go for frilly, fluffy ones).  Long story short, she ended up flying Rocco (named after this restaurant that closed) out to New York. He went from wandering the streets of Surprise, Arizona to a shelter where he had no blanket to the heart of Greenwich Village. I might write a children's book about it one day. Scrappy street dog moves to New York City. Disney needs to option it for a TV movie.

He is the perfect apartment dog, sweet, snuggly, really quiet, but also loves to play. He is sitting next to me in his bed right now as I write this.

My friend Kira meets Rocco at book clubI can no longer just flit off to Spain, Hawaii or China at the drop of a hat. I have to think about Rocco. And while I still plan on flitting off as much as possible, I love that I can no longer be 100% selfish.  And here's to finding the best pet-friendly hotels!

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