The Greatest View in the Isles of Scilly

What a glorious weekend on the Isles of Scilly, a corner of the world I knew nothing about and have now fallen in love with.  English families holiday here year after year, like Prince Charles & Princess Diana, who came here for many years in a row when William and Harry were young.  Jude Law comes every year and said 'it reminds me of all the good things, not only about England, but the world on which we live. My family never feel safer than there.'

It is bittersweet approaching the return to London (though I can't wait to delve into my schedule there) because of how absolutely tranquil and rejuvenating the Isles of Scilly are.

We stayed at the Star Castle Hotel on the island of St. Mary's, the largest island, which has a truly charming owner that wears many hats on the island, including fishing for the restaurants.

This was my favorite view, within the Tresco Abbey Garden on the island of Tresco, a huge draw for visitors.