Friday Links to Love & Happy Birthday Andy!

View from Superbowl party this weekToday is Andy's birthday and it's a big one: 30. We celebrated with an unbelievable dinner last night at Peter Luger (arguably New York's most famous and beloved steakhouse) and are hosting a small party at our new place tonight. Happy Birthday to my most favorite person in the entire world and best person to travel with!

Here's what I loved this week.

  • This is seriously funny: Massive Movie Poster Cliches
  • I totally agree with this and would rather meet someone for lunch over dinner any day: I Love To Lunch
  • Everything that Elke Govertsen writes makes me tear up, especially what she writes about her kids & husband, including this one.  In honor of Valentine's Day and just being with the right person: I Married The Right Guy
  • I traveled with Becca Hensley to China and she quickly became one of my favorite people. I've long admired her for years because she's a powerhouse travel writer. Here she shares what she loves about a great hotel (my kind of woman!): Becca Hensley, Hotel Advice From A Top Expert

Bryant Park

Madison Square Park