A Merry, Tired Christmas

SouthamptonLast year, I reflected with my favorite posts of the year from China & India to Brooklyn, Maui, and Moscow. This year, can I be honest? I am flat-out exhausted and don't have time to reflect! It has been the most exciting, exhilarating year yet with trips to Australia, Peru, Italy, Barcelona, England, the Danube river, British Columbia, Kiawah, L.A., Nevis and incredible career opportunities. We're all tired and busy and trying to build something we love to do. But what I'm really looking forward right at this moment is a low-key week in the Hamptons. The off-season is so wonderful - I've booked spin classes and plan on winter beach walks and cozy dinners, reading books and cooking.

I wish you, all my friends near and far, a wonderful Christmas and New Year's, rest, great food, lots of laughter and much love!

Also, I can't stop playing The Nutcracker soundtrack! I saw it this weekend at Lincoln Center and it was magical. I will go every year from now on. Also LOVED dinner at El Toro Blanco last night, a new Mexican spot in the Village. Chopped salad, tuna ceviche, tacos - everything was great.

Washington Square Park Christmas