NYC Lately

Christmas season has arrived in New York and here are a few things I've loved this past week:

  • A long walk in Brooklyn and the best chicken parm at Zito's in Park Slope
  • Cappuccinos at Cafe Pedlar on Court Street in Brooklyn
  • My entire block in the Village being decked out in garlands & red bows
  • A dinner party with great friends
  • Stopping at the New York Public Library to see the gorgeous tree, Lego lions in the lobby, and browsing at their wonderful gift shop. You can find a gift for ANYONE in this shop.
  • Eggs & pancakes at Bubby's in TriBeCa
  • Finally seeing the World Trade Center Memorial and finding Doug Gardner's name (the book, Where You Left Me, by his wife is heartbreaking but ultimately inspiring & a great read)
  • Buying parmigiano-reggiano at Di Palo's in Little Italy
  • A rainy day walk through Washington Square and shopping at Giggle for baby gifts in SoHo
  • A wonderful baby shower in TriBeCa celebrating my friend and her upcoming arrival 

Oh and of new Urban Insider blog on National Geographic!

Dinner PartyBrooklyn BrownstonesCafe Pedlar - Adorable coffee shopLego Lion at the New York Public LibraryRainy day in Washington Square ParkWorld Trade Center MemorialDi Palo's in Little Italy Nursery view at friend's apt in TriBeCa