National Geographic I Heart My City: New York

Taken by Andy Ellwood in the airWhen I was asked to to fill out the National Geographic "I Heart My City" questionnaire for New York in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I felt a huge amount of pressure. Everyone knows how much I love New York City. But to fill out questions like "In 140 characters or less, the world should heart my city because..." is a formidable task, especially after the hurricane disaster, actually living through some of it, and seeing firsthand people coming together in adversity. Whenever you get into the debate of the best restaurants, views, things to do and places to see, it can become a very heated discussion. Know that for every answer on here, I have at least 100 more. Enjoy, and hope to see you in New York very soon if you don't live here.

National Geographic I Heart My City: New York City

I love this quote from actress Greta Gerwig in the New York Daily News:

"...I still have those moments where I catch my breath and think, 'Oh my God, you are living in this city that has meant so much to you.'"

Central Park