Los Angeles Love

Hiking Temescal CanyonI am that rare New Yorker that loves L.A. I dream of the Joan's on Third Chinese Chicken Salad and the Urth Caffe Spanish latte so I always stop and get both. I have rhapsodic love for the memory of my 4-hour dinner at Osteria Mozza, and have loved dinners at Bottega Louie, Tavern, Toscana, Terroni, Sushi Dan, and old-school Dan Tana's. I hate seeing movies in New York now after experiencing the ArcLight - you pick your seats, can roll in 2 minutes before showtime, and there's never more than 5-7 minutes of previews. I've become obsessed with Pressed Juicery and their "greens 2" concoction. I LOVE the hikes like Runyon near my brother's house and Temescal in Malibu. I even like flying to L.A. - on direct flights with WiFi and plugs, it's a chance to clear my inbox and catch up. 

My goal is to continue to have reasons to go 3-4 times a year!

Joan's on Third Chinese Chicken SaladWonderful independent bookstore - Book Soup on SunsetAddicting Hiking RunyonDowntown L.A. - the fabulous Bottega Louie Sunset at Shutters