L&B Spumoni Gardens - Brooklyn's Famous Sicilian Slice

I'm working on some huge projects right now, and excited to share more with you all soon. Days have been starting early and ending late, usually with my laptop in bed at midnight. The glamorous life of a travel writer and freelancer! But I am loving almost every minute - so I know I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I always make time to explore new corners of New York or else I get very grumpy. 

I love the debate of New York pizza about best slices, best pies, and best pizza ambiance. But one place comes up time and again when it comes to the Sicilian slice - the Bensonhurst, Brooklyn landmark L&B Spumoni Gardens. It has been open since 1939 and feels like old, classic Brooklyn, a feeling that seems to be disappearing from so many places.

The signature square Sicilian pie is the best I've had, but I loved feeling like a pizza pilgrim, trekking out on the subway, and walking to this spot. Plus we witnessed a giant fiery fight about a parking space as we left - very New York!