How Travel Has Changed Me & A Favorite Spot

I was recently asked how travel has changed me for the new travel site Frayed Passport and for a favorite spot around the world. Here's what I said.

How travel has changed me
Travel has made me feel both more powerful and insignificant. Powerful because of what I have experienced around the world, things that have been both challenging and inspiring. And insignificant because I am only one of billions of personalities all living incredibly varied lives, with different beliefs and reasons for their choices. Nothing but leaving your home can do this.

One of my favorite travel spots
I recently spent a weekend in the Isles of Scilly 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall in England and fell in love. It’s a land where time has stood still, where everyone is friendly, funny, and engaging and the natural beauty is stunning. It’s a favorite of the royal family, yet barely anyone outside of England has heard of them. The Star Castle Hotel quickly became one of my favorite retreats. Out of 140 islands, 5 are inhabited. I just loved how I felt while being there.

I loved reading what everyone had to say, from National Geographic's Andrew Evans, my friend Kirsten Alana, Johnny Jet and more.

How has travel changed you? I am convinced it can only be for the better. I know people that don't love to travel, but still the experience changes them.

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