A Little Bit of Friday Nostalgia

I'm an overly nostalgic person.  I get prematurely nostalgic way too often. Sometimes I actually think my heart will get crushed by the weight nostalgia carries for me.  That is, "a yearning for the past, often in idealized form." I tend to idealize everything that is past and future, something I am working very hard on.  This week, I am leaving my first New York apartment for my second place, which has such thrills as a dishwasher.

Even though I am VERY. READY. to leave my current place, I am starting to get nostalgic. For my dry cleaning lady that gives out tootsie rolls. For my laundry lady, Mrs. Chen, who has lost way too many items of clothing, but is still so sweet and nice. For my current Equinox location, where I'll miss the faces that I never talked to as we suffered through treadmill time together.  For the exact spot on my sidewalk where I can stand and smell the pizza from one of the best pizza places in New York wafting through the air vent.  For my Ukrainian shoe guy that has made new any boot or heel I've brought to him. Keep in mind that I am moving literally 0.7 miles away, but in New York, it might as well be 25 miles.

So this week, I haven't had time to really sort through favorite links I read or think about travel--my heart has been focused on home. My first piece for Forbes travel did go up though-if you haven't seen it, check it out (Forbes-Ten Exotic Hotel Proposals) and let me know which hotel is your favorite. Have a great weekend!

The snow this week lasted only a couple days

I'm glad this will still be my neighborhood