Perfect Paninis at 'ino

Update: Sadly, 'ino has closed its doors. Huge loss for the West Village!

Are you a panini freak? 'ino is the place is for you. I even bought a panini press because of my first visit to 'ino a few years ago.  I love meeting friends here on Bedford Street for the best paninis in town on perfectly pressed Blue Ribbon bread.  And at brunch, there's the truffled egg toast with fontina cheese, bites of asparagus and just the right amount of truffle oil (too much and I gag). As Ed Levine from SeriousEats says, "If there's a better egg sandwich than the truffled egg toast made at 'ino in Greenwich Village, I haven't found it. "

Even though 'ino is tiny like its name, I've never had trouble getting a table. And you know people love it because it's been around since 1999. Practically prehistoric in the Manhattan restaurant world.