Friday Links to Love with a Balthazar Coffee

I stopped in at Balthazar Bakery in SoHo for a coffee on the way to the Brooklyn Bridge with my friend this week. Everything about Balthazar is divine-it really is evocative of a perfect Parisian bistro-and I love that I can pop into the bakery next door to the restaurant any time.

This week, I loved:

  • I AM slightly biased but I loved my longtime beau Andy's Forbes post, "Before You Need It," about always keeping your network active even if you're happily employed. The last line was my favorite: "The best time to be building your network is when you don’t need to be building your network."
  • A Cup of Jo's "Five Best Shoes for Traveling"-I love the classic ballet flats
  • This video has been up for awhile, but Patchwork Compass just introduced me to it-the world's coolest flight attendant and his rapping welcome to the flight
  • My friend-that-will-rule-the-world David Burstein spoke with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof for Fast Company: "Journalism in a Digital World and the Age of Activism"-a fantastic interview with one of the world's greatest reporters (who also has an incredible presence on Twitter & Facebook)

Balthazar Bakery