Behind-the-Scenes with NYC Chocolate Icon Jacques Torres

Stopping at Jacques Torres if you come to NYC is a travel must.  I wanted to share this piece I wrote for SeeJaneFly about a wonderful behind-the-scenes look I got with Jacques Torres last week, famous in NYC for his chocolate stores. 

"Before I was a New Yorker, I came to visit the city for a cold February week. I wandered over the Brooklyn Bridge and the snowflakes started to fall. I made it over the bridge, shared a pizza with family at Grimaldi's and ducked into the Jacques Torres chocolate store on Water Street. As the snowflakes swirled harder outside, I sipped Jacque's famous Wicked Hot Chocolate that has a dash of chili peppers for spice. It was pure New York chocolate magic. I have loved Jacques Torres chocolate ever since and was so excited when I was invited to a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making his creations and what he'll offer for the holidays. The man himself would be there.

Jacques landed in the U.S. from his beloved France in 1988 to work for Ritz Carlton. He quickly moved on to Le Cirque, that fabulously famous Manhattan restaurant that serves delectable dishes to an A-list crowd. He opened his DUMBO store in 2000 (before DUMBO was uber cool, I have to add), a lifelong dream that grew to incorporate 4 more stores in New York City and one at Harrah's in Atlantic City.

I stepped into Jacques Torres' Hudson store, which is a ten-minute walk from my apartment, but I had never really explored. It's expansive and a perfect place to meet a friend for hot chocolate, with lots of tables. Everyone can see the chocolate being made behind the glass walls of the store but we were ushered behind the walls."

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