Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien

Andy recently started a Twitter conversation that got a ton of people Tweeting back at him: What's the best burger in NYC?  They ranged from classics like Corner Bistro & J.G. Melon to newer ones like Stand4.  We decided to check out one of the suggestions, the Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien hotel.  I rarely eat red meat or burgers but I was game to try this place.  We also ended up walking 8 miles that day so I didn't feel gross.

The coolest thing about the Burger Joint is its hard-to-find location in an upscale Midtown hotel.  I love what Le Parker Meridien does to keep people interested and coming back, like their gingerbread displays of New York landmarks at Christmas. They're a great example of a hotel creating cool angles for press and guests alike.  The Burger Joint is no secret but it still feels like it is when you're there.

You walk into the fancy lobby and then see a little sign down a long hallway, a burger and an arrow.  So that's where it is.  They only serve burgers, drinks and brownies and you better know what you want before you get to the register.  It's tiny, with vinyl booths and a ton of photos and posters on the wall.  Even though the lines are long, there's quick turnover so you can always get a seat.  It was a great burger and even better, a great New York experience.