The Huffington Post: Two Days in Moscow

My visit to Moscow was such a whirlwind, incredible experience. We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Moscow, which added to the "can't believe I'm here" feeling.  I posted room photos on a previous blog about the hotel.  You can see more of my tips for visiting Moscow here on The Huffington Post.

"Golden cathedrals and historic buildings aside, Moscow is experiencing a stirring revival. It is a city moving away from its traditional roots and towards vibrant new art and restaurant scenes. Admittedly, I didn't know much about Russia before my recent visit. My remedy: A quick immersion.

Standing on Red Square and glimpsing the early spring sun reflecting off the brilliant colors of St. Basil's Cathedral took my breath away. Like the layers of the onion-shaped domes dotting the skyline, Moscow began to quickly unravel itself. New adventures were layered over old history."

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With Andy in Moscow: