Top 11 New Travel Blogs

I just returned from a wonderful week in Spain and while I was exploring my room at the Hotel Ritz Madrid (with a VIEW of the Prado Museum!), I found out that Christopher Elliott, National Geographic's consumer advocate and all-around awesome guy, named my little blog one of the Top 11 New Travel Blogs for 2011

It is still amazing to me that I am building a career on something that I borderline obsess about.  Chris nailed it when he said "If the hotel is the destination for you, you'll want to bookmark her blog."  It makes such a huge difference where you stay and it doesn't have to cost a fortune.  I travel so much for work and love posting about the hotels I visit and stay at.  Thank you, Chris, for the mention.

And now I must continue sorting through the hundreds of photos I took, including this one of Santiago Calatrava's STUNNING City of Arts & Sciences in Valencia.