Yes, I'm a Hotel Nut

I'm writing this before I leave for China, but when it's published I'll be on my way to board a Sanctuary Cruises three-day Yangtze River Cruise. Why do I do what I do, having spent thousands of dollars of my own money, becoming a human wrecking ball to make doors open to me, and creating a career that doesn't exist?  It started with a hotel obsession, which is, of course, a travel obsession, but I love everything about a great hotel.

Nancy Novogrod, the Editor-in-Chief of Travel + Leisure called me a hotel nut when we met in her office and I thought it was very fitting. To show you just how much of a nut I am, I'm posting this screen shot of my "Hotels" spreadsheet--a list that I've created over the years organized by continent, country & city of every hotel around the world I want to visit.  Most hotels have notes in them but I can't give away my trade secrets. Ha. Total number of hotels that I want to visit? Over 2,600 and counting.