The Inn of the Anasazi in Santa Fe

If you read this blog, you know that my hotel obsession in Santa Fe is The Inn of Five Graces (my post here). But the last time I was in Santa Fe, I remember having a drink on a cool patio, listening to music and hearing a fire crackle.  Turns out I was at the Inn of the Anasazi and didn’t realize it!  It’s such a local hangout that it’s easy to forget that it’s also a hotel, and a Rosewood hotel at that, one of my favorite brands.  
If you look at the outside, it looks like it is a tiny B&B, with maybe five rooms and a suite. But it goes way back and has over 100 rooms.  So it’s not really an inn at all, but a medium-sized hotel.  However, everything is designed for cozy hangouts, like the library and TV room with cookies and tea laid out.  
The rooms I saw had great beds, cool Southwest touches like pink tiles, animal hide chairs and Native American blankets.  It’s tough for any hotel to completely dazzle after The Inn of the Five Graces but The Inn of the Anasazi is great for a sophisticated Santa Fe stay. 
The restaurant, Anasazi, is one of the best in Santa Fe (BUT DON'T MISS CAFE PASQUAL'S!) or you can hang out in the little bar, if you can snag a seat. 
Anasazi Restaurant