Brunch at the new Sarabeth's in TriBeCa

Opinions on where to go for Sunday brunch often reach heated levels, especially when picking a neighborhood. I love Five Points (my post here), for example, but I don’t LOVE walking around the surrounding neighborhood of NoHo. I LOVE walking in TriBeCa, and so when I heard Sarabeth’s was opening a branch here, I booked a reservation.  That’s key point #1: You can book a reservation on OpenTable here. Score!  
From the outside walking by, you might think the place is small and cozy.  Wrong. For New York standards, it’s huge.  The first thing you see is stacks of gorgeous Sarabeth’s cookbooks next to stacks of their jams and the croissant, muffin and cookie choices for the day.  
And the menu is great-egg dishes, of course, but also sandwiches and lobster rolls.  It’s hard to find that perfect New York brunch, where ambiance and buzz meet with reservations-accepted and freshly squeezed orange juice.  Sarabeth’s TriBeCa is it.  This is by far the best of their locations.