The Spectacular Inn of the Five Graces in Santa Fe

"Annie, where is the best hotel bathroom you've ever seen?" Answer: HERE, at The Inn of the Five Graces. As soon as I saw the bathrooms at this truly spectacular hotel, I had my answer. Not because of how big it was or how many shower heads there were.  But the hand-laid, bright, colorful tiles covering almost every inch of the bathroom was nothing like I have seen anywhere else. 
Beautiful painted pots from Afghanistan
In fact, every inch of every room is a celebration of beauty, peace, and taking you out of your normal life. Would my apartment or home look like this in real life? Of course not, but that's why I love checking into a hotel like this. 
Warning: The pictures absolutely don't do this place justice.  I had seen photos before and thought it was pretty but not as stunning as it actually is in person. 
Lobby at the Inn of the Five GracesThe Inn of the Five Graces Lobby Entrance
I fell head-over-heels in love with the inn within minute one of being there.  There are only 23 different rooms & suites but all have supremely gorgeous Middle East-meets-Southwest-meets-Asia decor.  I had to pick my jaw up off the floor, especially when I saw their most luxurious option, The Luminaria House. Part of the kitchen woodwork was hundreds of years old, as are some of the old adobe walls. 
Kitchen in the Luminaria HouseLiving Room at the Luminaria House
I'm from the Southwest and so each beautiful outdoor courtyard, breath of fresh Santa Fe air, and waft of wood-burning fireplace means a lot to me. 
And I'm already thinking of when I can go back. 
BedroomLove the detail and color on this headboard
The Inn's quiet street
After seeing The Inn of Five Graces, definitely pop over to Seret & Sons Furniture store, where a lot of the furnishings come from. Makes sense, since the Seret family acquired the property in 1993.  It became a Relais & Chateaux property later. 
Seret & Sons Table available at their Santa Fe store
I interviewed Travel Channel's Samantha Brown last week in Brooklyn and she gave me a few must-see's in Santa Fe, including this hotel. Samantha never steers you wrong! 
Don't miss a margarita at The Pink Adobe a stone's throw from the Inn!
Oh and what are the Five Graces? As the inn says: "The Five Graces refer to the Tibetan philosophy that we are graced with five senses to experience the splendor of the world." How very appropriate for a property like this.