Castle Hill Inn in Newport, Rhode Island

Until I was 11 and we moved to the faraway land of Arizona, I lived in a little town called Portsmouth, Rhode Island, 20 minutes from the very famous Newport, home to the Gilded Age mansions.  There wasn't a lot to do in Portsmouth.  The big excitement on a long summer day was walking to Ferreira's corner store, buying candy cigarettes and walking back. 

When I went back for a wedding this summer, I took Andy to see the house I grew up in.  Have you ever done that? It just so happened that the house is being completely gutted and we were able to sneak in! I got to show him my old room.  Everything felt so small and it's incredible how many memories come flooding back.  It was the first time I had actually been in the house in almost 20 years. 

Here's the view from the house.

And here's the actual house being renovated-this little hill definitely felt more like a mountain when I was 5.

The wedding was at a gorgeous Newport grande dame, Castle Hill, which I mentioned here.  I realized I never shared my photos as I was prepping for going back to Rhode Island today for Thanksgiving.  It was everything I remembered. I loved the white adirondack chairs on the lawn, the best view of the Newport Bridge with water that looks like this only in New England, a common area that is a total throwback to the early 1900s without feeling musty, and classic rooms. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!