China Preview

What a magical, inspiring trip.  Ten days in China, but not the China you think of.  I saw the rural and remote China, the breathtaking landscapes, kind people, and incredible history, sandwiched between time exploring the electric city of Shanghai and its cosmopolitan hotels. All led by the seasoned Abercrombie & Kent guide, Gerald Hatherly.

I am just coming out of my jet lag fog and so happy to be settled back in NYC for the holidays.

Here I am at the Three Gorges Dam, that famous dam project that displaced millions in the area. Being in the heart of it reminded me again that nothing is black and white, and so often grey.  In the West, most coverage depicted the dam as a wasteful government project that made people lose their homes.  In China, I talked to people that had been displaced and they were happy and given money to move. I learned why the dam was proposed, for power purposes but also to prevent floods that have killed millions in the region. The real story is a story where many people wanted the dam and many people didn't.  And it's so important to know both sides, whether you're a traveler passing through or a journalist.