Idlewild Travel Bookstore in Chelsea

Before I left for India a few weeks ago, I wanted to find an India map. I trudged around to two Barnes & Nobles before remembering that, DUH, I should just go to Idlewild.  Idlewild is a 100% travel bookstore in Chelsea. Like that travel bookshop from Notting Hill, which just closed sadly. 
If you love travel at all, you can easily kill an hour or more here, browsing both the fiction and non-fiction guides.  Sections are devoted to each continent and country, and are stocked with the well-known (Rick Steves) to harder-to-find book series.  They also do fun events, like language classes and readings.  
Sadly, Idlewild didn’t carry an India map that would work for me.  They all folded out to the length of a truck, not exactly the look I wanted while finding my way around in India.  But I did get inspired to download Shantaram on my iPad after browsing.