National Geographic Intelligent Travel: Cultural Treasures of Jordan

My first post is up on National Geographic's Intelligent Travel, about the incredible cultural treasures of Jordan.  Many travelers pop into Jordan only to see Petra and it is a huge mistake.  The country deserves at least a week of exploration.  Click here to read the post on National Geographic. 

The Otherworldly Desert of Wadi Rum"Jordan still flies under the radar of many travelers today, conjuring a sense of isolation and wonder. Once uncovered, the country is easy to fall in love with, as I did during a recent ten-day visit. I was captivated by the landscapes and the friendly Jordanian people, from the Bedouins in tents to the young professionals in Amman (60 percent of Jordan’s population is under the age of 30, which provides a striking contrast between modern lifestyles and deep-rooted traditions.)

My favorite discoveries went far beyond Petra, the bucket list destination and ancient Nabataean city featured in Hollywood films such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Here are four treasures I found on my trip..."

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