Connecticut Fall Getaway: Madison & Guilford

Happy Halloween!  I hope you have a fun day planned whether you're dressing up or just passing out candy. I'm flying back to the city from Santa Fe today and think we'll be able to make a friend's housewarming party.

I go and see my awesome aunt in Fairfield, Connecticut pretty regularly. She was instrumental in helping me move to New York City.  I love going out there-we've done many days of Connecticut exploration, including the Mark Twain museum in Hartford, Westport, and Pepe's Pizza in New Haven. 

Last weekend, we planned a perfect fall getaway exploring the tiny towns of Madison & Guilford.  The weather gods were on our side, and we had amazing sunny but cold air. 

I always get off the train in Fairfield and our first stop is normally Las Vetas Lounge for coffee. Before I moved to the city and stayed with my aunt, I spent many hours here studying and writing. I always get a small cappuccino to go. 

Las Vetas Lounge, Fairfield, CT Next up, we headed out to Madison, CT because I wanted to see the famous R.J. Julia bookstore. I had heard about it before but then I read this article, where Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa) says it is really special. Even more reason to go! 

R.J. Julia Bookstore, Madison, CT

The bookstore is phenomenal, like a slice of Americana that you don't think can exist anymore.  It's on an adorable Connecticut main street, with great shops and restaurants. I could spend hours there browsing, and ended up buying The Silver Palate Cookbook. So many of the books had detailed explanations from staff members of why they recommend it, and I wanted to read all of them.  We ended up eating lunch in the great R.J. Julia cafe before moving on.

Just finished this book & loved seeing another person's thoughtsR.J. Julia Bookstore Cafe

After Madison, we drove to Guilford.  I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan and have been to Washington Depot, CT a few years ago, which is the town the creators say inspired the show's setting.  Guilford is a thousand times better and literally could have been a movie set. The perfect town square, restaurants, a candy shop, library, post office, churches...I fell in love.  Which reminds me I need to research a good B&B to stay at if we need a quiet weekend away. 

In the next post, we head to Lyman Orchards for apple picking, pumpkin patches and kettle corn!