The Taj Mahal: World's Greatest Monument to Love

My journey to India has come to an end and I'm getting ready to head to the airport in Delhi for the long journey home.  Terminal 3 at Delhi is new and gorgeous, ten times better than most terminals in America. I'm flying Qatar Airways business class, which might be my new favorite airline. Their business class lounge in Doha has serious feasts, a spa, unlimited champagne and desserts...

Here I am today at the Taj Mahal, which has been called the world's greatest monument to love, built by a king that loved this wife. He REALLY loved his wife. She died giving birth to their 14th child in 18 years (2 miscarriages brings that to 16 pregnancies in 18 years).  Yup, he really, really loved her.

I'm surprised at how peaceful and spiritual the Taj Mahal was, and how unbelievably intricate and decorative the marble was.  It was smaller than I thought it would be but much more powerful.  There isn't anyone hawking crap inside the gates so you can just take it all in.  Our guide, set up through Greaves India, has given tours at the Taj Mahal for 23 years, and gave us just the right balance of information and fun. I cannot say enough how organized, professional and fabulous Greaves was. To me, they are the only people to trust with an India itinerary.

The he Oberoi Amarvilas is the perfect, air-conditioned oasis from a hot day of sightseeing at the Taj.  It is the only place that I would stay. EVERY room has a view of the Taj, which just adds to the magic of being at a monument you have dreamed of seeing your entire life.