Checking Out DeKalb Market in Brooklyn

DeKalb Market
Before I left for Jordan, I decided to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and check out the DeKalb Market in downtown Brooklyn.  A few friends had told me about it and the New York papers had written a lot about it.  
Basically, they took a sketchy area of downtown Brooklyn and built an area of shops and restaurants.  Not so newsworthy right? Here’s the trick-they did it in old shipping crates like these.
DeKalb Market-Old Shipping Crates
Every store or food place is built in one of these shipping containers.  The market was smaller than I thought and a little bit boring.  I had already eaten and I didn’t feel like shopping so I wandered the whole place in about 5 minutes. I visited Robicelli’s cupcakes for a lemonade and talked to their really cool owner for awhile.
Robicelli's at DeKalb MarketOn a sunny, cool day, this is a great spot for lunch if you’re walking the bridge or in the Brooklyn Heights area. I love how they took this strange area that is so close to amazing neighborhoods and are trying to make it a destination.  There is a ways to go but it’s definitely on its way. 
Shopping at DeKalb MarketFood area